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McAleer Solutions is proud to announce our new forms of support.  We have many ways to support your every need.  Try one of our three new areas of support:

McAleer Solutions Support Chat
SupportChat is our public support chat room where you as the client can chat with other clients and also join scheduled chat sessions with McAleer staff for specialized Q/A sessions. Temporarily disabled

McAleer Solutions Online Helpdesk
OnlineHelpdesk was designed to track your support issues.  Try it today and see how we can quickly and efficiently solve your support needs using this new and exciting online tool.

McAleer Solutions Support Forums
Our SupportForums will house all of your frequently asked questions regarding not only common issues but also serve as a historical specialized issue search engine.  Have a specialized issue or common question that you think others would like to know?  Try it today and see how sharing your issue will solve someone else's.  Temporarily disabled

Online Classroom
Our new online classroom is now available.  Click below to attend class!